HCC Supports Education Initiative In Remote Afghani Village

April 17, 2018

HCC has pioneered the introduction of cricket to Finland, and we continue bringing the joy of sports to several lives through our activities. We believe that sports and education are instruments for bringing social change and betterment of lives.

Going by this guiding principle, we are proud to announce that HCC has joined hands with ”Tukiyhdistys Musessa Khairia Finland-Afghanistan Ry’‘ to support in providing education by running a school for the orphans and poor kids in Afghanistan.

The school is located in a village called Kuzkunar Shewa in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. It comprises of 2 teachers, 2 classes and 46 pupils.

This shows that by loving and playing cricket one can also help the underprivileged children.

We wish we can also inspire other Clubs to support good initiatives that strive for betterment of society and lives of people, that go beyond boundaries and ethnicity.

Join the movement with us and make a difference!!

More information about the organisation here