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SM Viikko 2018 Schedule is out

Follow Helsinki Cricket Club as it competes in the Cricket tournament organised as part of the SM Viikko 2018 event, which shall also be televised on Yle TV. This is a T10 format competition with the qualifying rounds taking place as the Kerava National Cricket Ground as well as the newly laid synthetic wicket at Tikkurilla where the SM Viikko finals shall also take place.

Stream the Final online here :

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Here is the schedule of the event:

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HCC Supports Education Initiative In Remote Afghani Village

HCC has pioneered the introduction of cricket to Finland, and we continue bringing the joy of sports to several lives through our activities. We believe that sports and education are instruments for bringing social change and betterment of lives.

Going by this guiding principle, we are proud to announce that HCC has joined hands with ”Tukiyhdistys Musessa Khairia Finland-Afghanistan Ry’‘ to support in providing education by running a school for the orphans and poor kids in Afghanistan.

The school is located in a village called Kuzkunar Shewa in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. It comprises of 2 teachers, 2 classes and 46 pupils.

This shows that by loving and playing cricket one can also help the underprivileged children.

We wish we can also inspire other Clubs to support good initiatives that strive for betterment of society and lives of people, that go beyond boundaries and ethnicity.

Join the movement with us and make a difference!!

More information about the organisation here


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Cricket in the heart of Helsinki

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football, and is played in more than a hundred countries worldwide. Although it was quite recently that cricket started as an organised sport in Finland, Helsinki cricket club was formed in 1972 and since then it has been the torchbearer in promoting cricketing activities in Helsinki. Having won the top gong in Finnish cricket several times, Helsinki Cricket Club continues to thrive, with playing competitive cricket, improving skills of the players, youth development, and promoting growth of sport in Finland being its core drivers. If you are interested in joining a cricket club to revisit an old hobby, just for fun, improving your skills, or just to hang out with great people who all have cricket in their hearts, look no further, join us during our training sessions, and leave us a post in the comments section. Cheers

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HCC attracting top talent

Every season, Helsinki Cricket Club attracts and recruits members and players to represent the club across various cricket competition. This season some of the top performing players from the Finnish SM 40 Second division were recruited by Helsinki in a massive coup. Maneesh Chauhan, Karthik P. Vurubandi and Mehar Arumili moved to Helsinki Cricket Club after having represented Shaurya Cricket Club in Finnish cricket competitions for several seasons. High quality training facilities, motivated coaches and a chance to play competitive cricket with a great group of players were the top motivating factors for the players as they made the move. There is great excitement in the club regarding these developments which is evident from the high energy levels in the weekly training sessions. We wish them the best and hope for a great season.

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Summer of Finnish Cricket

A summer packed with exciting cricket awaits the fans and players alike in 2018. Along with the usual SM 40 over division cricket, this season sees even the T 20 league take shape across two divisions, a break from the traditional open tournament style. Furthermore, the Elite T20 tournament has been scheduled, that would see a triple header between three teams formed with hand picked top talent from Finnish cricket with an aim to act as a showcase of top cricketing talent and pathway for the national team.

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